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We Have Helped Clients Create Their Perfect Retirement for Over 17 Years

We call it the "Real Transition to Retirement", maintaining a comfortable lifestyle now whilst preparing for when it's just "money at work" and not "man/woman at work".

It can be daunting. The rules keep changing, there is a lot of jargon, so much conflicting information that can make it difficult to decide what is right for you. 

We can help you approach retirement organised and with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are not missing out and that you can meet your goals. Clients choose us for support because:

  • We speak YOUR language so you understand YOUR choices
  • We are genuine in our desire to understand you and what is important to you
  • We are genuine in our desire to create long term relationships
  • Our 5 W's Retirement Plan ensures nothing is left out
  • We find the numbers part and juggling a lot of priorities easy

​We have celebrated with many clients their transition to a successful retirement. Experience success with LMFP.

Our Process

Our 5 Step Retirement Roadmap is designed to ensure you get the most out of planning for Retirement.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about Lake Macquarie FInancial Planning and see if our unique system is a match for your needs then -

  • Get the "5 Questions You MUST Answer Before You Retire"... here
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