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 Lake Macquarie Financial Planning  & ISN Legal: An Integrated Approach

 Lake Macquarie Financial Planning  & ISN Legal: An Integrated Approach

The importance of planning should never be underestimated.  Having a structured plan and future goals assist greatly in the outcome of one’s life.

As a certified Financial Planner, I provide my clients with advice and assistance with tailoring a structured “today’s tomorrow plan”. This plan is reviewed regularly, as situations and circumstance can change quite rapidly.

When advising my clients, I also stress the importance of planning for the two life certainties- taxes and death.

Financial planning estate lake macquarieLAKE MACQUARIE FINANCIAL PLANNING has had the pleasure of working with Kevin O’Brien of ISN LEGAL, Charlestown in reviewing a number of Clients’ Estate Planning.

His advice and expertise in Estate planning has provided assurety and alleviated the stress of many clients.

Following, Kevin shares with us how a Simple Re-wording of Your Will Could save thousands in Taxes and Duties!

Over the years Kevin has reviewed thousands of Wills and guesses that up to 90% of them have significant deficiencies that leave the beneficiaries open to losing thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes and duties when the estate is distributed.

Kevin advises that making a Will is one thing, planning Estate succession is something more. Rather than simply a “one solution fits all” approach, Kevin’s Estate Planning process looks at a person’s wishes in the context of their current financial position and assets so that potential taxes and duties (including capital gains on assets, minimising taxation on income generated and avoiding tax on superannuation payouts) can be managed to maximise the value of the Estate passed to beneficiaries.

Take a common scenario – your Estate consists of your family home and a term deposit of roughly equal value (say $500,000 each) and one of your children wishes to keep the home. If the house transfers to the child under a standard Will which leaves everything to the children equally, the beneficiary could have to pay $7,995.00 in stamp duty. A simple adjustment to that Will allowing the executor the flexibility to appropriate the house to that child could reduce that stamp duty to $50, a saving of $7,945.00 for some relatively simple planning.

Just like other legislation, Estate Law is always evolving and changing and so it is important to regularly review your Will and Estate Planning for appropriateness. I would be pleased to support you now in working with Kevin or your Solicitor to review your position.


[Kevin O’Brien is an Accredited Specialist in Estate Planning with over 25 years experience. Any advice provided by Kevin O’Brien or ISN Legal is provided separate and external to LMFP or Charter Financial Planning. Neither LMFP or Charter Financial Planning take any responsibility for their action or any service they provide.]



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