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Selling your Business? ……Think Like a Buyer!

So you have toiled away in your business and have been able to generate an income that has allowed you to at least meet your living expenses, pay off your home and perhaps even put some money away for a comfortable retirement.

The cherry on top however would be if your business was actually worth something when you were ready to finish up, where someone was willing…and able to purchase your business, its assets including its good will.

It is sad to see people delude themselves that their business has any real value, believing that the buyers will knock them over in the rush when it finally hits the market. The cold reality in lots of instances is that once the existing owner has moved on, there is little in the way of asset that a person would pay for to be able to pick up the reigns and run with it.

​So what would someone do that wanted their business to be worth something? Well I think the answer is – they would give themselves plenty of time to work on their business (not just in it), they would look at their business critically, not from a Sellers perspective, but from a Buyers perspective asking the question - If I was to buy my business what would I be getting, how much would I pay and how could I fund it?

If you want help to consider ways to sure up your exit plan and provide a buyer with the best opportunity to buy your hard earned asset, we are here to help, call us today.

BEWARE the pitfalls of you Credit Card

According to recent findings, three out of five Aussie customers are not receiving any financial benefits from having a credit card. Are you?..It’s long been suspected that for many people, the humble credit card is a pretty poor financial product, which can end up costing far more than it returns in benefits.   Now weContinue Reading

Self-Managed Super Fund Loan

Have you considered using the funds in your Self Managed Super Fund to invest in commercial property? Continue Reading

Changing Jobs? – Seizing New Opportunities

For most of us our job is more than just an income. It is fairly common for us to derive a great deal of satisfaction from our work and our career choices can define who we are and how others perceive us.If you are currently changing jobs or thinking of doing so, the following factContinue Reading

DIVORCE – Taking the first step towards your new life

DIVORCE – Taking the first step towards your new life

The end of a significant relationship is a difficult time, marking the move into a new phase of your life. It’s hard enough to navigate the emotional upheaval and to deal with conflicting emotions, let alone working through the practical considerations of finances and the separation of joint assets.  The below case study may help youContinue Reading

Investing In Your Future

Investing In Your Future

Superannuation Explained in Plain English – What is it? How much will you need? When can you access it? How to manage your own, PLUS MORE…. Investing In Your Future – Superannuation Fact Sheet

Managing Your Money – Budgeting in Plain English

Managing Your Money – Budgeting in Plain English

Managing Your Money Fact Sheet

Protecting Your Wealth – Insurance in Plain English

Protecting Your Wealth – Insurance in Plain English

Insurance is a form of protection – a way to protect yourself, your family and the things you own if something goes wrong. However, with so many types of insurance available it can be hard to work out what insurances are relevant to your situation and what level of cover you need. Below is aContinue Reading

What to Expect (Financially) When You’re Expecting

What to Expect (Financially) When You’re Expecting

​No matter how many pregnancy and parenting books you read, nothing can truly prepare you for becoming a parent. But one thing you can do is get your finances in order.As part one of our two-part series on preparing for a new baby, here’s a guide to what to expect (financially) when you’re expecting.​SET UP COSTSContinue Reading

Are Australians Achieving Their Life Goals?

Most Australians indicate their biggest life goal is a financial one, but many admit failing to plan is a roadblock. Continue Reading

New Superannuation Laws – What Do They Mean?

Changes to any laws that directly affect us can be overwhelming to navigate and understand. Below are brief summaries of the changes that will come into effect on the 1st of July this year.  Reduced Contribution Cap – Non-Concessional For many people a sensible retirement strategy is to add personal money (for example, the proceedsContinue Reading

Why Your Kids Won’t Listen to Money Advice… and how to bring them around!

Every parent wants the best for their children but let’s face it, kids often won’t listen to the wisdom of your experience, especially when it comes to money. Kids want to learn for themselves and don’t like to be told what to do! Don’t give up! Here are some of the common beliefs and misconceptions kids haveContinue Reading

LIFE CHANGES: Redundancy – Your Next Move

Redundancy can be a daunting life change. Help is at hand with these 6 financial tips to get you started.Continue Reading

Keys to De-stressing a Mortgage

Keys to De-stressing a Mortgage

      “Don’t sail out farther than you can row back.” I read this Danish saying for the first time this week in an article about mortgage stress and I must say I was a little conflicted. On the one hand, it seems sound and sensible advice for anyone thinking of borrowing to buyContinue Reading

Your Biggest Asset…Is it Protected?

What would you do if the main breadwinner in your household could no longer bring in an income? Do you have a Plan B? Most people don’t. An essential part of any financial plan is an asset protection strategy. You work hard to accumulate assets, NOT to have them jeopardised when life throws you aContinue Reading

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